Trump's inaction on stimulus bill leaves Loeffler and Perdue in awkward spot

Perdue has not even responded to the President’s call for increased checks, despite repeated inquiries to his campaign and official office. Now Ossoff is attempting to pressure the senator to take a stand. On Saturday, Ossoff’s campaign sent a letter to Atlanta TV stations calling on them to take down Perdue’s ad touting the passage of the relief bill. The Ossoff campaign argued that Perdue claiming he “delivered relief” was “indisputably false” since Trump hasn’t signed the legislation. The Democrat said he supported the bill, but even before Trump’s call for an increase to $2,000 payments, he called the $600 figure a “joke.”

The Perdue campaign did not respond to CNN’s inquiries about the status of their ad on Saturday and they once again ignored questions about where the senator stands on Trump’s calls for changes to the bill.

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