Trump is destroying his own party on the way out the door

Democrats were pushing for a large stimulus check to be sent to Americans, while Republicans opposed any direct payments. The compromise at $600 was seen as a victory for the Republican Senators who held the line against a bigger number. Then, after all the votes were taken in Congress, Trump called the bill a disgrace and proposed a $2000 check — a move that completely undermined the Republican messaging machine.

Perdue and Loeffler now have to defend why they voted for the small payment, which the President now opposes. Voters are not likely to focus on the President being completely absent from the relief negotiations and only speaking out after the votes were cast.

To make matters worse, the President also conflated the Covid-19 bill with the omnibus spending bill, which were attached to each other for the vote. The President derided multiple spending items like foreign aid and support of the arts, which in fact were taken from his own budget proposal, reminding conservative voters in Georgia that their Senators voted for what Trump calls disgraceful spending.