A populist wishlist as we head into 2021

4) Push for solutions that defy the stale postwar, neoliberal consensus. We are in the midst of a rare political realignment, in which Democrats are emerging as the party of the college-educated elite and Republicans are emerging as the party of the working class. But while this realignment remains in flux, neoliberal elites of both parties, for now, have more in common with one another than they do with the core voters of their respective parties.

The upshot is that there is at least some potential for bipartisan initiatives on any number of pro-worker, pro-family prerogatives that could reverse the economically and culturally deregulatory excesses that have characterized most the post-World War II order. Conservatives shouldn’t be content to merely play the role of dedicated opposition; when possible, we should seek to be constructive in attaining mutually desirable ends.