Paging Dr. Kübler-Ross

The states where this MASSIVE FRAUD™ allegedly occurred were won by Joe Biden and were relatively close votes (all under 3%; Georgia was around a quarter of a percent). But for some reason MASSIVE FRAUD™ seems to have not occurred in other close states like Florida or North Carolina (which were won by Donald Trump, by 3.36% and 1.35% respectively). Anyone who was paying any attention at all knows that Democrats wanted to carry those states too and tried hard to do so.

Organizing a conspiracy of three people is dicey enough; organizing the hundreds if not thousands of election workers needed to fabricate the results of not one but six different states’ elections has somehow yielded no squealers, no evidence of actual chicanery, and really awful testimony from election monitors who didn’t bother to show up for orientation or whose testimony was so awful it made people laugh out loud and required insistence from the witness that she wasn’t drunk.

For some reason the organizers of the MASSIVE FRAUD™ engaged in tremendous, subtle, and difficult efforts to just barely carry six critical states to the Democratic candidate for President, but while they were phenomenally competent at doing that, they were also insufficiently competent at manipulating down ballot races that appeared on the same ballots, resulting in Democrats failing to secure control of the Senate and losing seats in the House of Representatives. The conspirators can’t be ultra-competent and incompetent simultaneously.