NFL drops the ball as TV ratings take hit over "woke-ism"

Others have pointed to the fact that football — for all its preaching — isn’t the only sport taking a ratings hit. Look at ratings for golf, the least woke sport of them all, and you will see the same sort of declining interest.

But people who crunch the sports-marketing numbers say there is evidence to suggest mixing woke-ism with football doesn’t fly with many fans.

The Morning Consult, a marketing data company, surveyed 2,200 adults on their sports viewership during the pandemic that coincid­ed with the nationwide protests over the Floyd killing, the reaction of sports leagues through ads, and outright support of movements such as Black Lives Matter.

“Of that group, 615 [28 percent] said they were watching less frequently than before the pandemic,” said Kara Gelber, the communications director for the Morning Consult, in an e-mail. “We then offered respondents a blank space to provide the primary reason they are watching sports less frequently; 17 percent cited politics, social justice or general contempt for athletes.”

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