Getting used to my place in line for the COVID-19 vaccination

According to the Times calculator, I’ll be getting my shot before 411,000 teachers, 539,000 essential workers and 2.4 million young adults.

That doesn’t seem right. If you’re working inside a post office or a middle school and coming into contact with hundreds of people each day, you belong in front of me and my pajamas in my breakfast nook.

Also, those 2.4 million young adults are the ones who are going stir crazy and swapping spit in bars and forbidden college parties. They’re the ones most likely to ignore quarantines, social distancing and gathering limits.

That’s because they’re pretty certain that COVID-19 is something they could survive.

I know. It’s foolish and selfish. But if they’re superspreaders, it’s best to deal with them sooner rather than later. They need to be closer to the front of the inoculation line. Not for their sakes, but for ours.