Survivors of Blackwater massacre in Iraq slam Trump's pardons for guards behind killing

“My message to US President Trump is to not pardon or release the perpetrators, they are terrorists,” Jasim Mohammed Al-Nasrawi, a police officer who was injured in the attack, told CNN over the phone from Baghdad on Wednesday.

“I am still not a hundred percent recovered from my head wound, which [was] sustained in the gunfire by Blackwater guards in 2007, and have not been completely compensated for the attack. I will not waive my right to this case, I am not giving up,” he added…

The 2014 trial heard harrowing details from Iraqis who described the “horror” of watching the shootings unfold.

“Anything that moved in Nusoor Square was shot. Women, children, young people, they shot everyone,” said Hassan Jaber Salman, a lawyer who survived the attack with his son, during the trial.