"He's coming unhinged"

Through all that, Trump is obsessively pursuing any tactic that could overturn the results of the election, encouraging an already-doomed effort by a small group of House Republicans to challenge the Electoral College results in Congress on January 6 and lashing out at any Republican who calls into question the efforts’ success — even threatening to primary the Senate’s No. 2 Republican over his opposition to the futile endeavor.

“He’s coming unhinged,” one GOP aide told CNN…

Trump’s browbeating of his fellow Republicans in Congress follows a familiar pattern that’s occurred throughout his presidential term, where at various point a GOP Senator or House member would raise concerns, only to face Trump’s social media wrath.

What followed, according to several lawmakers who experienced it, was an explosion back in their home states or districts. Offices were barraged with furious callers and primary challenges were explored by local up-and-comers who pledged unyielding fealty to Trump.

“It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen,” a GOP senator told CNN. “You get singed by it once and realize OK, there’s no real upside to going in that direction again.”