Was Trump photoshopped into the official WH Christmas card?

One theory is that Trump was cut from a photo taken last year in London and added in to the portrait alongside Melania. Inside Edition asked New York Film Academy photo expert David Mager to take a look.

“The biggest telltale for me is that there really is no contact shadow,” Mager said. “And a contact shadow is when two objects are actually touching each other in really life. So I would expect to see a contact shadow underneath the feet where the shoes are actually touching the red carpet and that for me is missing.”

“There definitely has this feeling of sort of a paper cutout to the hairline for both of them, especially with the first lady,” Mager continued. “What you notice, if you zoom in close, there is really no contact between his arm and her jacket. You would expect to see some kind of pressure where two things are pushing against each other, even a little ripple in the fabric or something like that.”