Trump deserves the gratitude of all Americans for Warp Speed vaccine

In fact, the Trump vaccine is a great gift to the nation and the world, and that includes the Biden administration. Its agenda on issues like climate and tax hikes would have been dead on arrival without a way to reopen the country and give people hope that better and safer days are coming.

The vaccine also will allow Biden to pursue something like a normal presidency in that he will no longer be forced to shun most human contact because of his age and health problems. He campaigned primarily from his Delaware basement, but it is inconceivable he could have governed while being isolated in the Oval Office and locked down in the White House.

The vaccine will free him personally, so it shouldn’t be asking too much for Biden to acknowledge Trump’s contribution in a complete and honest way. But apparently it is asking too much.

Nonetheless, getting the vaccine successfully produced and with millions of doses now being distributed and administered, Operation Warp Speed must be counted as Trump’s greatest achievement as president. It is hard to believe any other modern commander in chief would have done it nearly as well, let alone ­better.