The toll of conspiracy theories: A voting security expert lives in hiding

Coomer oversees product strategy and security for Dominion Voting Systems, the Denver-based company that has suddenly found itself at the center of many of President Trump’s false claims about November’s election, spread by allies and pro-Trump media.

Some of Trump’s supporters have focused on Coomer as the supposed evil mastermind.

“I actually am in fear for my safety,” Coomer said recently, speaking by video call from an undisclosed location to Colorado Public Radio. “I’m in fear for my family’s safety. These are real, tangible things coming out of these baseless accusations.”…

Coomer said in addition to his own information, the personal addresses of everyone from his parents and siblings to his ex-girlfriends have been posted online. Some have also received threatening letters.

“I’ve been threatened more times than I could even count. Whether it’s the standard online trolls, voicemails that are left almost on a daily basis, being called a traitor to this country. I can’t even begin to describe what effect this has had on my life,” he said.