One more round of chaos for Trump

Maybe he’ll veto it, in which case Congress will have the votes to override him, unless too many politicians who supported the bill the first time around defect.

Maybe Trump will execute a “pocket veto,” in which he holds on to the bill for ten days (Sundays not counted) without signing it, and then can’t return it to Congress because the legislature has adjourned. This is a complicated procedural move that hinges on various technical and legal details — such as when Congress officially “presents” the bill to the president — but Chad Pergram, who covers Congress for Fox, says it’s in play. If that happens, the next Congress has to start over from scratch.

Maybe Congress will cave, sending Trump another piece of legislation tacking on more money. Many Republicans wanted to keep the bill below a trillion dollars, and the higher checks would blow past that threshold. But Democrats and a few Republicans have wanted bigger Santa checks from the beginning, and maybe Trump’s gambit will push some Republicans to his side.

Oh, and the government is funded only through December 28, so there’s a shutdown in the mix here too.