A massive purge is underway at Alex Jones's Infowars

Jones often complains about budget issues at InfoWars, usually before segueing into a pitch for the brain pills and other remedies sold under InfoWars branding.

InfoWars continues to face legal bills and potential hefty future judgments from lawsuits in Connecticut and Texas over Jones’ attacks on the families of children killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre. But that budget crunch didn’t stop InfoWars from recently buying a hulking “battle tank.”

At first, Jones blamed Knight’s exit on money issues. Then, when Knight disputed that on Twitter, Jones claimed Knight left the site over his own health issues, including a 2018 heart attack.

Knight tells a different story. Shortly before his firing, he had attacked frequent InfoWars guest Steve Pieczenik, accusing the Jones favorite—who has spun out wild conspiracy theories meant to prove that Trump won the election—of being a “CIA con-man.”