This COVID relief bill is why Congress is hated

And now this: a $2.3 trillion monstrosity that includes countless items that never would’ve passed on their own — 5,593 pages that members couldn’t possibly read before they had to vote on it, knowing it was a must-pass because of the desperately needed relief it contained.

Banning the mailing of e-cigarettes? Creating a felony for unauthorized streaming of copyrighted material?

Billions in foreign aid and loans, including $10 million for “gender programs” in Pakistan — in a bill that also replaced $600 supplemental unemployment payments with $300 ones? Americans will want to know why politicians’ pet projects took priority over the needs of a pandemic-plagued nation.

No matter that we favor a few of these stealth line-items — there’s so many that everyone can find something to like, but that doesn’t reduce the overall reek.