Poll: Americans' readiness to take the COVID vaccine spikes after the start of shots

In a USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll Wednesday through Sunday, 46% say they will take the vaccine as soon as they can. That’s close to double the 26% who were ready to get the shot as soon as possible in a USA TODAY poll in late October. In the new poll, 32% say they will wait for others to get the shots before they do so themselves.

“We need to get control of this virus, and that would be doing my part,” says Susan Sadule, 59, a retiree from Easton, Pennsylvania, who voted for Joe Biden in the presidential election. She was among those polled.

“From what I’ve read, it’s going to take about 75% of the nation taking the vaccine in order to create herd immunity,” says Lisa McAlister, 48, a registered nurse from Grove, Oklahoma, who voted for President Donald Trump, “and quite frankly, I don’t want to live in a pandemic the rest of my life.”