COVID, quarantine and closures are creating a hierarchy of grievance

“It’s Coronavirus that will end our friendship — between me and my single friends,” one mom posted on a parents’ Facebook group. “I don’t care how callous this sounds but please complain about your Netflix series ending soon to someone else. I’m barely holding it together as I try to watch my kids and work and be with my husband.”

On an infertility Facebook group, childless women were complaining about moms complaining. “They’re your [@#$#@] kids. Yours. Be grateful that you have them. … Because some of us wanted them with everything in our being and couldn’t have them.”…

Single people, of course, have their own woes. “I tried dating, but what’s the point?” my friend Mark told me the other day. “I was talking with a woman, but then she said she was going to restaurants and I realized I was too afraid to meet with her,” he explained. “So there’s just no momentum or excitement if all I’m doing is chatting with someone with no chance of getting together.”