News media zombies will have nothing to feed on after Trump presidency

Trump never did do anything truly wild, never even gave us a Cabinet appointment like Vince McMahon for Secretary of Steroids. All he did was say stuff. Stuff Trump said about John McCain alone provided headlines for about three days on three or four separate occasions. The entire nation spent a week talking about what Trump said about Megyn Kelly. Even stuff he didn’t say, like “Everybody should inject Clorox,” provided several days of crisis porn.

And if Trump, as a private citizen, should stop providing the media with 24/7 OMG moments, what then? There is no plan B. Covering Biden scandals won’t happen, unless you mean covering them up. Yet the media can hardly portray Biden the way they did Barack Obama, as a bold, visionary, inspiring, energetic pathbreaker. Biden can’t get through a sentence without a TelePrompTer and sometimes not even then. On the off chance Biden makes it to 2024 without lapsing into a vegetative state, in which case praise of Kamala Harris’ godlike virtues will turn every media outlet into the equivalent of the Pyongyang Kim-Tribune, the media can’t report anything that makes Biden look bad, which means they can’t report anything Biden does. Judging by the full-bore freakout over a mildly snarky column in The Wall Street Journal suggesting Jill Biden should not be addressed as “Doctor” because she isn’t a physician, the media now considers any criticism of anyone related to the incoming president off-limits.