What the New York Times hasn’t admitted

The Times was the lead offender in the greatest error in modern journalism: The false claims that President Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election.

The paper pushed the narrative and was rewarded with Pulitzers and other awards. The Times played Pied Piper to pack rats from other outlets who joined the feast of fabrication.

The campaign, based largely on anonymous sources, sabotaged a presidency for nearly three years. Even after special counsel Robert Mueller came up empty in trying to find collusion, the Times and fellow culprits never expressed contrition for their destructive errors. Their hatred of Trump was their justification.

The paper also played a major role in the unforgivable smearing of Brett Kavanaugh during the 2018 Supreme Court nomination battle. Times reporters reflexively gave credence to lurid allegations that had not a shred of evidence in a bid to block his confirmation. To this day, there have been no apologies or explanations.

Then there is the 1619 Project, where the Times took it upon itself to rewrite American history, despite esteemed historians pointing out its major errors. For Baquet and his crew, facts didn’t matter in their bid to advance a radical racial narrative.