Will Trump be remembered as a transformer or a tornado?

Long-standing traditions of how a president should speak to and relate to the media and his peers in politics were thrown out the window by Donald Trump as president.

He weaponized social media, communicating with his 85 million Twitter followers after being convinced the mainstream media would only be relentlessly hostile toward him.
But often Trump’s behavior undercut his efforts to sell his programs and his leadership skills to the American people.

In addition, his failure to appoint qualified people to key positions for the first half of his administration made it more difficult for him to take control of his own government or pass legislation at a time when his party controlled both houses of Congress.

No one will miss a Washington without Omarosa, Steve Bannon, ex-Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, ex-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, or Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin in office.