“He may be the last GOP president ever again”

“The Republican Party is in disarray,” Bolling said. “They are split between the pro-Trump wing of the party and the establishment, old-school wing. Meanwhile, the left is united, laughing all the way to the White House.”

Bolling followed up with a laundry list of Republicans who have expressed disdain toward Trump. “Karl Rove … this week called Trump a ‘cry baby,’” Bolling said. “Rove, ever the hypocrite, has cried about Trump beating his low-energy Jeb Bush like a drum in 2016 for four years.

“Turncoat republicans like Mitt Romney, Anthony Scaramucci, Mr. Kellyanne Conway, and many more are the reason there will never be another Republican president,” Bolling added. “These Benedict Arnolds are ignoring the fact that 74 million people voted for Trump. He is a very popular president.”