Lou Dobbs airs stunning fact-check of his conspiracy theories after Smartmatic legal threat

Dobbs started the segment by saying, “There are lots of opinions about the integrity of the election, the irregularities of mail-in voting, of election voting machines and voting software. One of the companies is Smartmatic, and we reached out to one of the leading authorities on open source software for elections, Eddie Perez, for his insight and views.”

The show then cut to a segment featuring someone else asking Perez several direct questions debunking conspiracy theories about Smartmatic.

Perez — the Global Director of Technology Development & Open Standards for the Open Source Election Technology Institute — blunty said, “I have not seen any evidence that Smartmatic’s software was used to delete, change, alter anything related to vote tabulation.”…

Mediaite has learned that the same fact check will be airing on Jeanine Pirro’s show Saturday night and Maria Bartiromo’s Fox News show on Sunday.