“In many ways, this is a nation without a president today"

Berman began by noting “Jim, we haven’t seen the president today, and even on Twitter, his preferred method of communication, he only mentioned the vaccine in a tweet about the stock market and stimulus talks,” and asked, “do we know what the president actually did today?”

“Well John, you know how it is with short-timers, they take that long lunch, they cut out of work early,” Acosta said, and quipped “This is the president who has turned executive time into an art form. And he did that today.”

He noted Trump avoided cameras during a bill signing because “He obviously doesn’t want to take questions about how he lost the election and his bogus election challenges.”

“He spoke with King Salman of Saudi Arabia over the phone at one point, and he was apparently briefed on the suspected Russian cyber hacking of the US government, although the president has not come out and weighed in and condemned Vladimir Putin and the Russians for being behind that attack.”