"I've eaten Chick-fil-A for 135 days straight"

Early on, in the middle of August, I had done 30 days in a row and I pulled up to the window and talked to the girl who was working there. I said: “Hey, today I’ve been here 30 days in a row” And she really seriously said: “I’ve been here more than that!” because she works there. I admit it did deflate me a little bit, but I just kept going.

They are closed Sundays and they were also closed on Thanksgiving so up to and including December 17 I’ve eaten there 135 consecutive days that they are open. Normally on a Sunday we just have a couple of nice meals here with the family at home, but I love chicken so I usually eat chicken on Sunday too—a nice piece of grilled or baked chicken. I eat chicken a lot, obviously, but I still eat in moderation. I eat Chick-fil-A every day but I’m not eating fried food for every meal of every day. I go there once a day. It’s not that healthy but I’m not pounding my body with fried food three or four meals a day. I eat my chicken for breakfast, a little snack for lunch and something like grilled chicken for dinner. Just normal stuff. I eat a lot of grilled chicken, I like pasta in moderation and I love fruit.

I see some of the comments from people but I’m not worried about that. There’s enough going on in the world, I was just doing this as something for myself to help get me through.