Warnock's embrace of anti-Semite Farrakhan is disqualifying

At the time Warnock was praising Farrakhan’s detestable organization, Farrakhan was unapologetically spreading detestable lies about what he called “Jewish, anti-black behavior,” blaming Jews for “the transatlantic slave trade, plantation slavery, Jim Crow, sharecropping, the labor movement of the North and South, the unions, and the misuse of our people that continues to this very moment.”

Somehow, Warnock has nice things to say about such odious figures as Farrakhan, Wright, and Castro, but he believes Republicans are “gangsters and thugs” for something as mundane as passing the tax reform bill of 2017, which actually helped lower-income earners and forced the wealthy to pay a higher share of the tax burden.

This all only adds to existing concerns about Warnock’s extremism. And these concerns must be understood to come on top of a further concern that is especially relevant given the exposure and public discussion of abuse issues in the Catholic Church.