"It’s nonstop": Georgia Senate battles rage far from Atlanta

“This is definitely a new experience,” said Joseph Brannan, a Columbus resident and state treasurer for the Georgia GOP, marveling at the number of door-knockers in both parties and the vlume of spending.

“The amount of money that’s pouring in is certainly interesting because traditionally Columbus is not the place you’re looking for a big Republican turnout,” Brannan said. “It’s nonstop political advertising on the broadcast channels. Our TV stations are normally loaded up with trial attorney ads and they can barely get them in right now.”…

But efficiencies are out the window in a state where the two sides are already on pace to spend $416 million on TV ads alone — 58 percent of it on the GOP side. Since the media-market covers Fort Benning — the massive Army base that is the city’s largest employer — and since Republicans have money to burn, GOP strategists figure it’s still worth the expenditure.

“If we get 50 more net votes out of it, why not?” said a Republican consultant involved with the Senate races who declined to speak on the record. “We’ve reached saturation, too much money. It’s an embarrassment of riches, like where do we shove the money? It’s overflow gravy.”