Americans are in full revolt against pandemic lockdowns

On the West Coast, many restaurants also open their doors to customers despite state orders to the contrary.

“While some of the larger chains and corporations are following the orders, many of the mom and pop shops say going to takeout only would put them out of business,” ABC News reported last week.

The city council in Solvang, a tourism-fueled community in Santa Barbara County, recently voted to ignore shutdown orders that threaten locals’ livelihoods. Officials “directed that the City of Solvang will not actively enforce these latest State shutdown orders, and that the City request the County and State regulators to prioritize education and that they also not enforce the orders within the City limits,” according to a letter from Mayor Ryan Toussaint.

None of this should be a surprise. Small businesses have taken it in the teeth from restrictions that cut them off from customers and cash; data gathered by Yelp shows many of them closing permanently. Restaurants, which traditionally have tight profit margins to begin with, have been especially hard hit.