Trump-Biden divide hampers COVID vaccine trust-building effort

Biden’s team, for its part, knows it has to reach out to a Trump base hesitant about the vaccine. But it hasn’t settled on a plan or decided which messengers would be best to enlist, according to one person close to Biden. A transition health policy adviser said names like Fox News host Sean Hannity and Sen. Rand Paul have been floated but overtures have yet occurred. Trump and his allies have been inconsistent messengers about the coronavirus, downplaying basic medical guidelines and pushing misinformation about treatments, making them difficult partners in a public messaging campaign.

Conversely, Trump’s aides say the president won’t want to help Biden. They say the president-elect is intentionally ignoring Trump’s vaccine accomplishments and merely playing partisan politics. Biden, they said, should vocally give Trump praise for pushing for what they have dubbed the “Trump vaccine” in record-breaking time…

One of those “novel strategies” could involve enlisting Trump. Though the study found Trump ranked last among the general public as a trusted voice on the vaccine, he was the second-most trusted source of information among Republicans, well ahead of state officials, local health departments and the FDA.