Poll: Most GOPers approve of Trump's post-election messaging

Americans across the partisan divide have drastically different opinions about Trump’s and Biden’s public statements since polls closed Nov. 3. Majorities within each party approve of the post-election messaging their party’s candidate has been delivering and disapprove of the opponent’s message. These opinions are particularly common among Democrats and independents who lean toward the Democratic Party, about nine-in-ten of whom say Biden has been delivering the right message and Trump the wrong one.

But the survey, conducted Nov. 18-29 as part of the Center’s American News Pathways project, also finds that Republicans are more divided than Democrats. Roughly a third of Republicans and independents who lean Republican say that Trump has been delivering the wrong message since the election – and a nearly identical share say that Biden has been delivering the right one. And even though Trump has consistently claimed that widespread voter fraud was responsible for his defeat, roughly four-in-ten Republicans say allegations of voter fraud do not deserve more attention.