Cuomo would be a horrible pick for attorney general

Since George Floyd’s tragic death, Cuomo has been panderer-in-chief, accusing all cops in the state of racial bias and threatening funding cuts to any local police department that didn’t change its ways, as if they’re all equally in need of reform. That bullying rhetoric won praise from Al Sharpton, but it isn’t what America needs.

An attorney general is also responsible for ensuring the Justice Department roots out corruption. But Cuomo wallows in it. He ran for governor in 2010 on a vow to clean up Albany. Then he shut down a commission created for that very purpose.

Cuomo himself has never been accused of a crime, but several of his closest aides have been convicted and sentenced to prison — notably Joseph Percoco. He was Cuomo’s longtime confidante who ran two of the governor’s campaigns and was described by Cuomo as his father’s “third son.”

Percoco was convicted of soliciting bribes — he called the money “ziti” — and demanding a low-show job for his wife from companies doing business with the state.