Barr exit hints at further tumult under Trump

His decision to get out with just a few weeks left in Trump’s term, some believe, is a reflection of both how tenuous their relationship had become and how erratic Trump’s behavior could be leading up to Jan. 20.

“Attorney General Barr has done Donald Trump’s bidding ever since he walked into the job of attorney general. Almost like an accomplice to a serious of unlawful events, Mr. Barr never got out of the getaway vehicle,” Washington, D.C., Attorney General Karl Racine said Monday night. “I believe that what’s happening now is Mr. Barr is getting out of the vehicle, because perhaps he does not want to be a part of the next series of wrongful events.”…

While it is not possible to predict how Rosen will respond if the commander in chief comes calling on him to take steps like investigate his political foes, there is a ticking clock that leaves Rosen with a buffer of 36 days to weather any pressure he may face from Trump and his allies.