Anti-Trump Republicans are doing nothing right now to stop him in 2024

But among the party’s Trump skeptics, the view is that, if Trump runs again in 2024, few other candidates would bother seeking RNC support due to the perception that she was firmly in Trump’s corner. “She is not a broker at all,” said one top GOP fundraiser who has been skeptical of Trump. “She is co-opted by and wholly owned by Trump.”…

“From our perspective,” said Reed Galen, one of the founders of anti-Trump group the Lincoln Project, “there is Trump, but as dangerous as Trump running again is how many of these guys, whether or not it’s the 116 members of congress or the Attorneys General or those in the Senate, who will just stay in Trump’s big fat shadow for the foreseeable future.”

The paralysis described by Galen is real, said Jerry Taylor, the president of the Niskanen Center, a moderate think tank at the center of an anti-Trump coalition of groups. Though he’s had discussions with people “in the NeverTrump world” about “the best way forward,” no real consensus has emerged.

“About as many of them are as interested about pushing back against Trumpism in the Republican Party as there are those who think throwing in their lot with the Democrats makes more sense,” said Taylor.