"This is the reality": Newsmax and OAN grapple uneasily with Biden’s victory

John Bachman, who anchors an afternoon show on Newsmax, the larger of the two channels, referred to Biden as the president-elect and noted that Trump’s legal challenges of the election results have failed at almost every step.

“What I’m trying to do is manage everyone’s expectations,” Bachman told viewers. “These judges don’t seem to be taking up these cases. This is the reality. This is the motion set in place.”

Yet OAN, the smaller of the two channels, virtually ignored the unfolding developments as electors cast their votes, instead devoting about four hours of daytime programming to a live feed of a hearing by the Arizona Senate to address voting procedures. Its 4 p.m. news roundup failed to mention the electoral college vote at all.

And on Newsmax’s “American Agenda,” which followed Bachman’s show, host Bob Sellers seemed to treat Biden’s victory as an unsettled issue, saying that people are “waiting with bated breath” for the results of the process and asserting that “there are still some outstanding cases of irregularity.”