Some MAGA faithful pivot to apocalypse prep as Trump loss gets locked in

For once, Wood was not at the bleeding edge of pro-Trump panic. Conservative-branded survivalist gear has been on the market for years, with brand names like “My Patriot Supply” and “4Patriots” selling everything from dehydrated fruits to anti-radiation tablets. Far-right conspiratorial sites like InfoWars and Natural News sell their own lines of doomsday gear, including a “pocket chainsaw.”

On Monday, as the Electoral College voted for Biden, Natural News ran multiple articles about “bugging out,” i.e., getting off the grid when the “SHTF” (“shit hits the fan”). “Making your escape: 5 Factors to consider when developing an emergency bug-out plan,” read one headline.

“Prepping for a power outage: What to stock up on and when to bug out,” read another. (Elsewhere on the same homepage, Natural News prevailed upon Trump to “invoke military tribunals” over his election loss.)