The GOP wasn't prepared to help Trump steal this election. But the next one...

But it’s not just the rubes and the fanatics. Former intellectual luminaries of the right have endorsed the fantasy of a “stolen election” and signed petitions calling on state legislators to overturn the results by appointing pro-Trump electors.

Finally, as a threat to back all of this up, there is an alt-right group distributing the names and addresses of local election officials and targeting them for assassination.

These are the forces that are going to be reshaping the party for the next four years. When it next comes time to appoint or elect a state election official, for example, do you think Republicans are going to back the kind of sane technocrat we’ve seen in this election? Or will the fanatical base view these figures as unacceptable and demand raving true believers?

And then what happens when Donald Trump or some successor to his movement runs again, but with a party that has been thoroughly prepared, propagandized, and purged in order to sustain the narrative of a “rigged election” that needs to be corrected by overturning its results?