Lindsey Graham blames Kemp for "civil war brewing in Georgia"

“If you’re not fighting for Trump now when he needs you the most as a Republican leader in Georgia, people are not going to fight for you when you ask them to get reelected,” Graham said. “There’s a civil war brewing in Georgia for no good reason. It’s not unreasonable to ask the legislature to come back in and order an audit of the signatures in the presidential race to see if the system worked. What is unreasonable is to sit on your ass and do nothing when you’ve got a chance to save the country.”

“The governor of Georgia could call a legislative session into being tomorrow to go ahead and audit the signatures so we’d have confidence in the presidential outcome,” he added. “Maybe it worked, I don’t know without an audit.”

Graham insisted that Trump “got screwed over with the mail-in voting system in Georgia,” maintaining that he has “no confidence” in the election outcome “if you don’t audit the signatures.” Kemp has rejected calls for a special session, which could be used to appoint Trump loyalists as Electoral College electors, though such a move may not be legal.

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