Aides speculate Trump will travel to Mar-a-Lago for holidays and never return

At this stage, there are plans for Trump to remain at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach over Christmas and New Year’s, but the guidance offered to staffers ends there, people familiar with the plans said.

Trump could return to Washington for the final days on his term. But there have also been some discussions about the President and the first lady remaining in Florida and not coming back to the White House, a White House official said.

The talks are fluid and no plan is set at this point, officials cautioned. Sources at Mar-a-Lago and in Washington both indicated there is nothing currently on the calendar for the first couple to remain in Florida after New Years…

Some aides have tried to gently suggest to the President he begin trying to identify and execute end-of-term priorities, but he remains intently focused on the election results, even as executive branch agencies and departments rush to finalize a flurry of rule-making efforts.