"You hope people grow. My best guess is that he is going to continue to deny."

You asked the President to “stop inspiring people to commit potential acts of violence.” Do you worry you’re putting a target on your back? How have you and your family dealt with safety concerns?

I didn’t at the time because I was operating from my gut level at that point. I already had police protection outside my house. So I think a part of me was like, why not. For most of my family it’s been a point of pride. There are some nut jobs out there. There’s always a possibility, but I’m not going to let it control what I do.

You and Brad Raffensperger are both proud Republicans. How do you balance your personal political preferences with how you carry out the job? Does this last month change your impression of Trump? Did you vote for him?

You have a sworn duty to uphold the laws of Georgia and that’s what we do. People are talking about the legislature stepping in and appointing electors: that is not acceptable. That’s not going to happen.

As far as Trump goes, yes, I voted for him because I didn’t like the alternative. You hope people grow. My best guess is that he is going to continue to deny. I figured he would double down because that’s what Trump does. He retweeted a video spreading baseless allegations of voter fraud. He then went on to do a long speech where he said a series of things that have shown to be debunked. But he’s President, so people listen to him and believe him.