How a Georgia Republican reached his breaking point with Trump

Dovere: But even when Abrams didn’t concede, no one needed to get police protection like this.

Sterling: Not like this. However, we have had protests outside the governor’s mansion, bricks during the height of the BLM situation. Not as much rioting in Atlanta, but it’s there. We should never be in a situation in our country where rioting or violence feels like the only outlet you have. A problem right now with the president is if you undermine the elections … A friend of mine who’s left-leaning says the reason we have ballots is so we don’t have to deal with bullets. If you’re saying, “Well, the ballots don’t matter anymore,” what’s the next logical step?

Dovere: After you spoke out, Senator David Perdue had a spokesman say that he condemns violence of any kind against anybody, period. But he’s sticking by questions about the election, so not condemning the thinking that leads to the violence or threats of violence.

Sterling: Well, he didn’t say it, a spokesman said it. And that’s part of the problem I have with this. Senator [Kelly] Loeffler sent a spokesman. Senator Perdue sent a spokesman. President Trump sent a spokesman. President Trump then said the opposite of what the spokesman said with a tweet right after it. Senator Perdue and Senator Loeffler, I feel bad for them. They’re stuck in a box and the president put them in it: You’re going to toe this line with me or I’m going to torpedo your campaigns.