"Don’t think for a second Joe Biden is going to be sworn in"

On the Friday night edition of his eponymous Fox primetime show, host Sean Hannity teed up the interview by quoting a recent tweet from the wife of Eric Trump promoting the latest bogus claim of election fraud by the Trump team, which the Fox host said “raised a ton of questions.”

Trump was referring to a completely misleading video clip being promoted by Trump campaign lawyer Rudy Giuliani that alleges a conspiracy where fraudulent ballots were secretly brought in to a Georgia vote counting center via “suitcases.” Any “questions” raised by Giuliani have already been thoroughly answered, as the whole story has been debunked by both local news reporters and the state’s lead elections investigator, who explained that the full, unedited video shows there is “no evidence whatsoever” to back it up.

Nevertheless, Hannity said Lara Trump made a “good point” as she said it’s “so outrageous.”