If Trump wants the GOP to keep the Senate and protect his legacy, he needs to change his tune

If Trump were to have taken our advice and conceded, right now, he could be helping Republicans win the Georgia races by arguing exclusively that voting for Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler would place a necessary check on Biden. He could be arguing that voting for them would be crucial to preserving his legacy.

Instead, the president’s continued insistence that the election was stolen from him amid widespread fraud is undercutting his message. His insistence that he really won Georgia requires such a vast conspiracy that it’s impossible not to implicate Georgia’s Republican leadership, which certified the state for Biden…

It’s possible that most Republicans in Georgia will not pursue the self-defeating strategy of boycotting the runoff election. We certainly hope that’s the case. But given how close the races were this year and how tight polls are, if even 1% of the Republican electorate is convinced not to turn out, it could be the difference. And that difference is one between Republicans having veto power over the liberal agenda or Biden being sworn in with unified Democratic control of Washington.