Trump has only himself to blame for losing the election

Trump’s supporters may take solace in these nostrums, but the explanation is obvious. The Democratic ticket simply received more votes than the Republican one. Trumpworld’s disbelief reminds me of that debunked factoid about a New York reporter who, after Nixon won the presidency, supposedly said the outcome was impossible because no one she knew voted for him. Americans need to get out more…

In reality, the president could have appealed to both areas and cruised to a comfortable re-election margin. Many Trump supporters can’t fathom why Republicans did well in congressional races, but lost the presidency. Again, simple analysis is more compelling than a fanciful theory. Many people—myself included—usually vote for Republican legislators, but found one particular Republican officeholder to be unworthy.

We tired of the president’s conspiracy-mongering, whining, incessant tweeting, dishonesty, incompetence, and failure to grow into the office. The president could have tried to, at times, unite the country. He could have reined in his attacks, surrounded himself with truth-tellers rather than sycophants, and reached out to other voters. He didn’t. That’s why he lost. It had nothing to do with fraudulent voting or aliens.