It's (past) time for Fox to pull Lou Dobbs off the air

This is well beyond the bounds of responsible TV opinion hosting. It’s showing his true nature: demagogue and instigator.

A lot of what I would consider beyond the pale in a news channel host (a news channel ostensibly related to business) is arguable, or at least would certainly be argued with. But what it really comes down to is what Fox is going to do about the things that are being said on its air.

These things that are being disputed by their own news division. Conspiracy theories their own anchors and reporters are debunking. This is a man telling his viewers that a secret cabal of “evildoers” are stealing their freedoms, and telling them that not even Trump’s own Justice Department will help. He’s treading closer and closer to actual and explicit calls for violent uprising.

As a critic, as someone offering advice, as a viewer, it seems obvious to me. And it’s something Fox did with Trish Regan over concerns of her rhetoric endangering people during a pandemic.

Get him off the air. Get him off YOUR air. He is an evildoer, to use his own words.