Twitter is in China’s pocket

This is the dilemma Jack Dorsey has created for himself in assigning his company to be the absolute arbiter of truth. No one denies that the President traffics in half-truths or borderline conspiracies, as do many others who sign up to use Twitter’s service. But some state actors are using Twitter in a far nefarious manner than by simply retweeting favorable news clips.

In the past week, state-labeled accounts from the CCP of China have spread misinformation regarding the origins of COVID-19, pointing the finger at frozen food from Europe and Italy, in an attempt to shield themselves from culpability and obfuscate any investigation into their actions in Wuhan or their virology studies. The posts from Chinese state-run media have gone unchallenged by Twitter, and Twitter’s communications team, whose members apparently don’t like using their own platform, remains silent.

When Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian posted a photoshopped graphic of an Australian soldier with a knife to the neck of a young child, as part of an ongoing conflict between Australia and China, the topic trended on Twitter’s news feed. It garnered a featured spot in their news section. The tweet prompted a response from Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida in a letter directly addressed to Jack Dorsey about why Chinese state accounts are allowed to spread misinformation on his platform at will, while the President’s account is policed within mere minutes.