Are Trump allies trying to sabotage the GOP in Georgia?

So there it was: Wood and Powell, both wearing MAGA hats, urged Georgia Republicans not to vote for Republicans Perdue and Loeffler, indeed, not to vote at all, in the January 5 runoff. Watching, Los Angeles Times political reporter Mark Z. Barabak tweeted, “In decades covering politics, this is the first Don’t-Get-Out-The-Vote rally I’ve ever heard of.” And of course, if Republicans don’t vote, Democrats win.

What is going on? Perhaps Wood just wants Democrats to win. Breitbart News looked into Wood’s political past and discovered that while he has been a regular voter in Georgia, in every presidential and mid-term election since 2000, he “has not voted in a Republican primary since 2004, but did request Democrat ballots in 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2018 primary elections in Georgia.” Breitbart also found that while Wood has made “some donations” to Trump and the GOP in recent years, he “has long backed Democrats for federal office and especially for Georgia offices,” giving more than $40,000 to Democratic candidates from 2004 to 2018. So perhaps Wood would be totally fine with Democratic victories on January 5.