The case for Chinese reparations

Is it a conspiracy theory to believe this could have been deliberate? I wouldn’t have said so, and nor do many people in the intelligence world. In 2020 China achieved one of the greatest coups in financial history. The effects of the Trump administration’s trade wars against China were beginning to be felt, and by accident or design the CCP found itself in the lucky position of their main competitor’s economy (like the rest of the world) having to shut down completely. As a bonus, the President, who appeared to be the only person in the world willing to take on the CCP, was taken out in the election which followed. Now, as the American public survey a political and financial mess of gigantic proportions, China is happily sailing into 2021 with increased growth.

The kick is that China now finds itself in a buyer’s market. The rest of the globe is going to have to find a way out of this financial slump and possible depression. From Africa, to central Europe, to Brexit Britain there is one obvious way out: Chinese investment. So long as China is the country ‘driving global recovery’, the temptation will be there. Long ago the CCP bought up our universities very cheaply indeed. Not to mention a nuclear power station and more. Currently they are able to act like a property developer who has destroyed the area all around your house and now offers to buy your undesirable property at a dirt-cheap price. With certain strings attached. Even if one country resists the temptation to use Chinese investment to get out of this problem, it is unlikely that everyone will show the same restraint.