Brad Parscale calls out Trump campaign for booting him in 2020

“I always had a lot of confidence in our plan. I think the president and Jared [Kushner] had a lot of confidence in the plan. It was unfortunate that we diverged from the plan right as it came down the stretch,” Parscale said.

“You said ‘We had a plan, me, the president, Jared and it was diverged from at the end,’” MacCallum reiterated. “You left finally first in the summer and then in September.”

“I was removed,” Parscale interjected, as MacCallum quickly followed up to ask how he felt about it.

“I was hurt. That was an obvious sign that I was hurt,” Parscalle acknowledged, before vaguely laying the blame for his removal at an unnamed “they” in the campaign. “I didn’t get a warning sign. No one asked me to change my plan, no one asked me to do anything different. I don’t know exactly why I was removed and all of a sudden we had to challenge the plan. I have a lot of thoughts of why I think that is, but they paused the plan. We eventually went back to it, but I’d had a lot of time to plan.”