If Biden governs as a relative centrist, it will be because voters forced him to

The 2020 election ultimately boiled down to two competing arguments to persuadable voters. On the one side, Democrats were arguing that Trump was unsuitable for the presidency and should not be granted another term. On the other side, Republicans were arguing that left unchecked, Biden would become a tool of the Left and move the nation in a radical direction. Ultimately, both arguments succeeded.

Biden was able to convince voters that Trump needed to go. But voters also heeded the warnings of Republicans that giving Biden a blank check would empower the far Left. So, they rendered a verdict that effectively means that Trump is out of the way but Biden is on a short leash.

So, as much as those who predicted Biden would govern from the center-left are eager to claim vindication, the reality is that if they had their way, if voters sought retribution against Republicans at all levels to punish them for enabling Trump and Democrats gained massive majorities, Biden’s post-election moves would have likely been a lot different.