Anthony Fauci owes no one an apology

Paul has no standing to ask an apology of anyone, given all the misinformation he has advanced in recent months. Will the senator apologize for arguing in September that New York had already attained herd immunity — a claim that became even more offensive in recent weeks as cases and hospitalizations in the state surged, along with those in the rest of the country? Will he apologize for citing a study to back up that claim when in fact that study made the opposite point? Or for casting doubt on the effectiveness of wearing masks, against scientific evidence?

In response to request for comment for this article, Paul made clear he will not apologize, doubling down on his claims. He added, “Fauci for six months denied the data supporting opening of schools. He now agrees with the data we presented to him six months ago.”

But Fauci has always recognized the need to keep kids in schools as much as possible. In June, he told CNN that keeping schools closed in the fall because of safety concerns might be “a bit of a reach,” recognizing that children tend have milder or even no symptoms. But he also said, “I hesitate to make any broad statements about whether it is or is not quote ‘safe’ for kids to come back to school,” and stressed that “children can get infected, so, yes, so you’ve got to be careful.”