This time my COVID patients know how they're going to die

This second wave is more difficult than the first, where the adrenaline kept us up. Today we are tired and in some cases even demoralized, but we don’t ask ourselves many questions. We keep our head down and we work, as always. Unlike in March, almost all the hospital wards have remained open for other patients, and rightly so. But this means that in the COVID departments we work tirelessly, with very little rest. We move forward, in apnea.

In all this effort and despair, if there is one thing that pisses me off, it is the deniers. Until a few days ago, I was smiling at their bullshit. It’s crazy for us who see what this virus does, to hear things like “it’s all hype from higher powers,” “hospitals take 2,000 euros a day per patient and then hospitalize the asymptomatic,” “the emergency rooms are full of people who feel well and ambulances go around empty, to scare us.” Today I no longer laugh. A dull anger rises. Come on, denier, come and see how you die from COVID. Take reporters into hospitals to see patients who can’t breathe, the dead, or our dripping sweat. Certain rhetoric is bad for the country that needs unity and empathy. We first were considered heroes, now we have to hear all of this. I’m not a hero, I just want to do my job in the best conditions for my patients, for the families.

We didn’t need a second wave, and seeing the performance of some countries, such as the United States, I admit that I am afraid there may also be a third.