"Georgia is not New York": Progressives adapt efforts for Senate runoffs

Ms. Wolfe said the Sunrise Movement had tried to adjust its messaging for a state like Georgia by “making sure that we localize the Green New Deal in a way that resonates with Southerners.” For instance, canvassers are emphasizing how climate change affects the air that Georgians breathe, she said…

Progressives see Georgia not as a one-off endeavor in 2020 but as a top target of their efforts for years to come.

“Is Georgia a Tier 1 state? Is Georgia a progressive state? Are we building a new Georgia? Yes, yes and yes,” said Britney Whaley, a political strategist with the Working Families Party, a progressive group that has been operating in Georgia since 2018 and has endorsed Mr. Warnock.

Nse Ufot, the chief executive of the New Georgia Project, which was founded by Ms. Abrams and has registered hundreds of thousands of new voters, said there was still “an obsession with moving white moderate men back into the Democratic Party.” But that thinking was mistaken, she said, even — and perhaps especially — in Georgia.